Hope in Our Lives

In times of darkness or despair it can be all too easy to see the problems and get downcast. This page is for us to share those snippets of good news we would normally share with each other on a Sunday. Have you taken up a new hobby, been baking and have a recipe to share, maybe you have a favourite plant in the garden coming into bud, a book you are enjoying reading and would like to recommend, or maybe a old film you have rediscovered on dvd. Whatever it is, send in a picture, with or without a few words and we will share it here.

The most recent picture will be be directly below, so keep scrolling until you get to one you have already seen and you will know you have seen all new photos sent in.

A rainbow of images from around the church and used created to give thanks for our NHS
A single blossom fallen and resting on the moss
The Roaches have made a wonderful Easter shrine in their home.
Angel over the Campsie Fells from David and Mary S taken on one of their daily walks.
From DAvid S. Some genuine Easter eggs! A swan’s nest seen on my walk before church this morning with E.
Kate’s simnel cake! Very tasty it looks too!
A colourful Easter Tree from Louise
In this week we call holy, we celebrate the thorn and then in turn new life … amid the prickly thorns of these days nature reminds us that life, while changed, is not over.
Kate, lighting her Sunday night Prayer candle and joining in prayer with others throughout the world.
Congratulations to Mary and David S on their 50th Wedding Anniversary
Magnolia opening promising new life.
Journey through Holy Week by Christine Keen
Kate R writes: I found the crocheted blossom made by Imogen a couple of years ago . So hung them on some twigs from the garden.
As Lent draws to an end we look forward to Easter. We remember that Jesus died for us on the Cross and that he took on the sins of the world.
This Easter Greeting Card is from Sam and Susan. We see the Cross and The Blue Iris. The Blue Iris symbolises ‘Faith and Hope’. These we have as society faces its biggest challenge in our memories.
We send Easter Greetings to the Congregation of All Saints Church. Be Safe and Well. Sam and Susan
Today at the beginning of the Eucharist celebrated from the Rectory for The Annunciation a candle was lit drawing all those who couldn’t and those who could be there together in the Holy Spirit.
The Light of Christ, candle of Hope.
Mothering Sunday congregation.
Signs of Spring – Louise Benson
Signs of Life – Peps the Diocesan Digital Missioner. Peps is an avid gardener without the garden for his ambitions. His home is in Maybole which has its own eco-climate and is way ahead of us season wise.

The Rector is starting the ball rolling with this:-

The Bulgarians have a tradition that on Baba Marta Day, people give each other wristbands and dolls created out of red and white thread, you may have seen that the Rector was wearing a wristband on Sunday. These gifts are exchanged on Baba Marta Day, 1st March, and then hung on branches with the first blossom as a symbol of hope and new life. The Rector has decided to keep her wristband on until the end of this Covid-19 outbreak but the dolls are now on the sloe bush which is in full blossom.