All Services within the church are suspended until further notice.  You will find the official announcement on the Provincial Website, here. 

While services are currently suspended, being church isn’t.
We can still pray,
we can still care for one another,
we can still worship, in different ways,
we can still be kind.
Although we can not touch each other,
we can still be Jesus’ hands and feet,
his Light in the world.

We continue to worship via zoom, details below.
You can find our most up to date news on Facebook here.

While our church buildings are closed church is coming to you, wherever you are.

The information you will need for our liturgy each Sunday will appear here on Saturday. There are links to some hymns you may wish to listen to before the service in preparation for it, or at some other time. On Sunday afternoon the liturgy will be replaced with files from the service.

You can join us by zoom over the internet or by using a land line to listen to the service. Read more by clicking here

From our Easter services onwards, you will also find some files from previous services under the news tab at the top of the page.

Each morning New Kilpatrick offer a prayer, each evening we here at All Saints offer a prayer, together we pray for our community and the wider world.

Please click the link to see all the prayers, the most recent evening prayer will appear at the bottom of this page as well. If you follow either our or New Kilpatrick’s social media channels you will also find the prayers on those.

Prayer never ceases, you may wish to or only be able to use these prayers at other times of the day or night, please feel free to use them at whatever times best suits your own rhythm of prayer.

In March church buildings were closed to ensure public safety. Roddy (minister of New Kilpatrick Church) and Kirstin (the Rector of All Saints) decided in April to both mark and record the times that we found ourselves in by writing some new psalms. They have been written in collaboration and a new psalm will appear on the page linked to the right each Wednesday morning.

Psalms for our Times

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Our Evening Prayer, Let us Pray:

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