The majority of our services are Eucharistic in nature (sometimes known as communion or mass).  During these services we remember the Last Supper, a Passover meal which Jesus had with is disciples on Maundy Thursday the day before he was Crucified.  At that meal Jesus took, blessed, broke and shared bread with those around the table, telling them that it was his body.  After the meal he took a cup of wine and blessed and shared it saying it was his blood.

After Jesus’ resurrection the followers of Jesus met together regularly to worship and share food including this Last Supper.  The symbolism of the bread and wine unites the partaker both with Christ and with all other Christians of all times and in all places into the one body of Christ, as Paul wrote about to the Corinthians.  For those early followers, who often had to meet in secret, the importance of this link with Christ himself and with other believers near and far, provided strength and support for the days ahead, and so it should also be for us even though the trials we face are very different.

All who seek God are invited to partake of the Bread and Wine of communion, however should you prefer you may receive a blessing instead.

You will find the timings of our usual weekly services on the Service Page, the details of the services for this coming week can be found on the home page.

If you have and questions or queries, please contact the The Rector who will be happy to assist you.