Rolls of Honour for World War I and World War II

There are three Rolls of Honour in All Saints with the names of members of the congregation who died during both World Wars.  The names contained on them are below the individual pictures.

William Blackadder, Richard Brewer, Kenneth Butterfield, Allan G S Cooper, John Elliot, Charles Haldane, William R Higginbotham, Henry M Jackson, George A Johnston, Robert L Johnston, James L Johnston, Robert Lees, Fredrick W Lees, William J Logan, Fredrick G Longbottom, Alan Miller, George E W Murray, Harold Pilditch, Ernest C Smith, James Taggart, Ernest W Taggart, John Tennant.

James C Fulton, Robert E Fulton, Charles W Guthrie, Charles E Higginbotham, Alan Hulley, Robert W Lees, John F Logan, George K R Marten, John M Porritt, Thomas W Purvis, Cyril S Whiteley, Eric F Yarrow.

Alex D Andrews, Donald Bark, Betty Baddeley, Pamela Challice, Fredrick Dyer, Patricia Eardley, Alasdair Ferguson, Jack Ireland, Brian Ireland, Richard Jenkins, Molly Jenkins, James L Johnston, Charles H Johnston, Betty lindley, Joseph Meikle, Stanley R Mitchell, James C Mitchell, Rosealie Mitchell, Ian C Munro, David A MacDonald, Alan Macnaughton, Joan Robinson, Charles Bromley, Archie Miller, Douglas Miller, John S Noir, George W MacDonald, Duncan Macnaughton, James C S Ponsford