Exploring the Darkness Holy Week and Easter 2020

A joint Holy Week with our friends at New Kilpatrick. This year being offered on-line while our church buildings are closed during this time of social isolating and CoVid19.

Roddy and Kirstin had already decided that this year we would use Holy Week to explore the darkness, we never realised when that decision was reached just what it would mean when the week came around. While we thought about doing something other we ended up deciding that we should stick to Exploring the Darkness just do it in a slightly different way.

There was an offering for each of Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday of Holy Week and Maundy Thursday.

On Good Friday there were a series offered. With one for Holy Saturday and a final one on Easter Day.

The pictures were all created by Kirstin for the week and are on 6inch square paper using inks, apart from Easter Day which using gold foil and leaf.

These are an offering not just to our congregations and local community but to the whole church and can be freely used in whatever way you see fitting. Please see the page for each day for the short video file which was created, if you would like stills of any of the artwork them please ask.