Canon 4 Paperwork

Canon 4 Discussion and Responses Required by 31st March

Anyone involved in the process during our Episcopal Vacancy over a lengthy period between 2018 and 2020 should be interested to comment on Canon 4, the process by which we elect our Bishops.

Miriam Weibye, our Provincial Church Relations Officer, writes:

At General Synod 2018, the Faith and Order Board brought the following motion: That Canon 4 “Of the Election of Bishops to Vacant Sees” be revised and amended as necessary. This motion having been passed, the Faith and Order Board appointed a small group to review Canon 4, chaired by the Bishop of Edinburgh. The review group have considered the existing Canon 4 in detail, and sought views from around the province. It now presents the attached document (Canon 4: Consultation with Diocesan Synod Members) for detailed consultation with a number of church bodies.

Vestries and/or Individuals are therefore invited to submit responses by clicking on this Google form by Wednesday 31st March 2021. Although a pdf of the questions is provided (Canon 4 Review Group Consultation – Google form) so that people can see them all at once and read them through before answering online, we would ask people to only respond via the Google form, as the General Synod Office is not in a position to deal with physical responses due to Covid-19 safety precautions. If anyone wishes to make a separate written response, it can be emailed directly to Miriam (address below), again by Wednesday 31st March 2021

 The review group has also provided an example document of what a commentary or guidelines for a revised Canon 4 might look like (Canon 4 Draft Guidelines Commentary Examples) as explained in the final point of the consultation paper. Following this second phase of the consultation, the review group will prepare a report for General Synod 2021, which will be asked to indicate support of the direction of travel with a view to preparing a revised canon for General Synod 2022.  If you have any queries, please contact Miriam Weibye, Church Relations Officer at