Worshipping via Zoom at All Saints

The zoom platform is available through an app or via your internet browser of choice, it is available on android, windows, or apple. You can download it here on their web site or via your usual download preference. You can also use it directly from the web if you prefer.

All zoom services at All Saints require the same log in details rather than you keep on having to find the relevant one for any particular service, they are: meeting id 935 081 2635 when prompted you will need the password Genesis. You will be able to sign on 15 minutes before a service is due to begin.

During the service the Rector, and one other person only, will be unmuted to prevent unnecessary feed back and noises in the background in people’s homes disturbing others. You will be invited to join with them in the responses. After the service, if you wish, you can join in one of the breakout rooms when you can have a chat with other members of the congregation. If you wish to speak to the Rector alone just press the raise your hand notification and that can be arranged. The Rectory is of course available at times other than directly after services so you may wish to chat with others and arrange a separate time to chat with the Rector.

When there is in person worship in church those on zoom will sing a hymn when communion is being distributed. When it is zoom only worship we will sing two or three hymns, which you will remain muted for so you can sing to your hearts content.

The liturgy will be available on this web site from at least the Thursday before, please search the news posts, prior liturgies are removed to prevent confusion but occasionally there is more than one weeks liturgy so please ensure you have the right one.