Snippets from our worship on Sunday 1st November

Unfortunately technically difficulties means it will be another week before our first service will appear on zoom.

We began by joining our voices and our hearts, those in the church and those via zoom, with those who worship in heaven. Uniting in worship with the angels, the cherubim and seraphim, the glorious company of the apostles, the godly fellowship of the prophets, the noble army of martyrs and the holy church throughout the world; in offering our praise. Praying that in these and through all days the glory of heaven may be reflected here on earth through our worship and our lives.

The above Invocation comes from the New Zealand Prayer Book. When it was being complied there was a desire not to wipe over the history and culture of the Maoris people but include their understanding of God built upon their own traditions and history. The book itself is written in places in English on one page with the facing page being the same prayers in the Maoris language.

After the names of those to be remembered where read out these prayers were said:

Lord shed your love, Lord shed your peace.

For empty spaces at dinner tables. For births and graduations, weddings and birthdays not attended. For family not met. For hugs that will never be given or received and calls that will never be answered. Lord shed your love. Lord shed your peace.

For those who died trying to make the world a better place, those who have died trying to find safety and a new life. Lord shed your love, Lord shed your peace.

For those who have died alone but for you. For those who have died during war. For those who have died as a result of racism, homophobia, sectarianism, or any other form of hatred. For those who have died at the hand of their own demons. Lord shed your love, Lord shed your peace.

For the people whose hands I’ve held others as they died. For the times the goodbye has been missed through circumstance. For all those who grieve. Lord shed your love, Lord shed your peace.

For the people who we love but see no longer. For those who will die tonight. For the tears and bittersweet memories tonight may bring. Lord shed your love, Lord shed your peace.

For the promise of the Resurrection. Alleluia, Alleluia.

Holy God may all your faithful people know the fullness of your promised new life once their journey in this life has come to it’s end. Amen.

The time of Commemoration ended with the names being placed under the altar cloth and a candle being lit, before Mary read us the Nunc Dimittis.

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