Snippets from the service for Sunday 4th October – Harvest

Some members of the congregation joined the Rector in church to celebrate Harvest and while they couldn’t sing those who also joined virtually did get to sing the hymn below.

Giving thanks is always a good thing to do but perhaps even more so in these times.

Opening Prayer

God of harvest time, we gather together and apart today as Your people and Your church; to celebrate and to give thanks for the harvest we have been fortunate enough to share in. A harvest we have benefited from throughout our lives but especially throughout these last six months. Enable us to be fruitful in our worship, just as the earth is fruitful in her gifts, as we join with the whole of creation in giving thanks with joyful hearts. Amen.

At the end of the service we blessed those pets gathered via zoom, those who were camera shy and all pets everywhere as we prayed for all creatures great and small.

Life-giving God we thank you for all animals, the large and the small, the furry, the scaly and the feathery; the ones that walk, the ones that swim, the ones that fly, the ones that slither.  Teach us to love all your creation and revere its sacredness, give us the gifts of compassion not just towards humankind but towards all creatures great and small.  We thank you for those animals who work, and pray that they may have plenty of rest and fun also. We pray for all farm animals, that their lives maybe free from distress, and for all the creatures we are not too keen on, the spider, the midge, the cockroach. 

And now we ask you to bless all pets.  We give thanks for those pets who have provided valuable and immeasurable companionship through the lonely days of the virus time.  We pray for your blessing upon them, by the power of your love, enable these beloved creatures to live according to your plan.  May all pets be safe, happy and healthy, we thank you for the pleasures, the companionship, the friendship and the love they give us.  Through Jesus Christ our Lord.  Amen.

Hymn for those on Zoom

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