Services During Coronavirus Church Closure

While All Saints building is closed to the public at present we continue to meet for live-streamed worship via zoom.

Zoom can be accessed via a web page or via the app, you can also join us in services via a telephone. If you require details of how to join please ask. Our meeting number is 935 081 2635.

On Sunday mornings our service begins at 10.30am. We follow the 1982 liturgy for this service. Before the service you will be in a waiting room and while everyone is muted during the service, apart from the Rector, our organist (from her home) and a member of the congregation leading the responses, intercessions and readings: everyone is unmuted at the end of the service to sing our final hymn and then chat over coffee in breakout rooms of between 3-5 connections.

You will find the liturgy for each Sunday on the front page of this web site on Saturday.

On Tuesday mornings at 10.30am, there is a 1970 (grey book) liturgy from the Rectory. The liturgy is available on the home page of our web site.

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