Advent Reflection

There on a busy street, on a bench facing the large Christmas tree sparkling with lights that had been turned on with great celebration a couple of days earlier, he sat.

There he sat; staring at the tree and lights, unaware of the traffic rushing by or the people passing as they sighed and changed their heavy shopping to the other hand.

There he sat; calm and serene amidst a busy scene which can be seen in countless high streets up and down the land.

No, he didn’t need any company.  Yes, he was fine.  He just liked to sit there, to look at the tree and remember someone different with each twinkling light, yet still he offers an invitation.  You can join him if you’d like.

In silence eyes trace the invisible cord from light to light.  The hum of the traffic vanishes into the early evening as there, there on that bench heaven bent down to earth and earth was raised to heaven; a rehearsal for the memory yet to be celebrated and a foretaste of the reality yet to be fully realised.

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