Christmas Message from the Rector

The shops pipe out their Christmas tunes, the lights on the trees twinkle from windows, the pile of just in case food grows.  December brings with it the promise of celebration a gradual growing of anticipation we know what is coming.  The story didn’t start that way though. 

Mary didn’t know that God was going to single her out, Joseph didn’t know his wife to be would end up bearing a son who wasn’t his, neither of them knew they would end up in a stable, the shepherds didn’t know they would be interrupted by a choir of angels, the Magi, despite all their looking and hoping didn’t know that finally they were now going to set out on a long journey, to they didn’t know where.  They certainly didn’t think it would be a stable.  Mary and Joseph didn’t know they wouldn’t return back to their home in Nazareth for 2 years.  

The surprise of Christmas is often lost on us, we prepare and prepare for it, yet God is the God of surprises and it is the surprises that often take our breath away. 

So this Christmas I pray that God will bless you with surprises that will shine brightly like the star over the stable, bringing joy to your Christmas in ways you never thought of.

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