All Saints is part of the Scottish Episcopal Church and as such its governance at local level is shared between the Rector and Vestry.

The vestry meets monthly and those elected by the congregation are the charity trustees at local level. The trustees of all properties are the Bishop, Dean and Registrar.

As well as having oversight over the finances and property the vestry also have a remit over supporting and shaping the future of All Saints, currently, November 2016, preparatory work is being done by a sub-group of the vestry, to introduce MAPping to the congregation.

Vestry members are voted onto the vestry for a period of three years at the AGM usually held in November.  The Lay Representative is an annual election and represents the congregation at Diocesan Synod, Election of the Diocesan Bishop and other meetings called by the Diocese.  The Treasurer and Secretary are appointed by the vestry and are neither trustees nor have a vote at meetings unless they are also vestry members.

The Current Vestry are:

Rev Kirstin Freeman – Rector and Chair from 19 September 2009
Robert Smith – Lay Representative from November 2012
Louise Benson – from November 2014
John Duncan – from November 2015
Graham Caie- from November 2016
Celia Fisher – from November 2014
Brenda Hadcroft – from November 2016
John Harrington – from November 2014
Ann Shirlaw – from November 2015

Officers of the Vestry
John Brooker – Secretary from November 2015 (ex-efficio)
Andrew Long – Treasurer from October 2015 (ex-efficio)