Marriage and Civil Partnership


Congratulations on finding the person who you wish to spend the rest of your life with, we hope that the future will hold much happiness and joy for you both.  If you would like to celebrate your marriage at All Saints, then the Rector would be happy to talk with you about how she can assist you.

The Scottish Episcopal Church has many options open for your service and these can be tailored to suit most requirements. The Rector will spend time with you both discussing options and possibilities, from the traditional to the more informal, she can also offer advice with regard to other aspects of the day if required.  You will be directly involved in deciding how you wish to celebrate this most joyous of days, from the music and liturgy to how you may like the church decorated.

wedding bubbles

Weddings can take place any day of the week other than a Sunday morning, however should you wish to get married at All Saints, please contact the Rector before assuming the church will be available.

In December 2014 the Law in Scotland changed to enable same-sex couples to enter into marriage, and in June 2017 the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church made provision for same-sex marriages to take place in some of their churches.  All Saints is an inclusive church and anyone and has been authorised for same-sex marriages, please contact the Rector should you wish further information.

Civil Partnership and Civil Marriage

Civil Marriage has been the choice for some people for many years and for much of that time there has been provision for the blessing of a Civil Marriage within the Scottish Episcopal Church.

There can be many reasons as to why people opt for a Civil Marriage over one held in Church.  Neither Civil Marriages nor Civil Partnerships can take place in a church, it is however possible for a blessing to take place in Church, either on the same day or at another time.

If you would like your Civil Partnership or Civil Marriage blessed please contact the Rector who can discuss the options available to you.