Christine Hermann RIP

This morning, the birds joined with the Rector in giving thanks for Chrissie’s life. The sun shone and while the wind had a distinct chill at North Duntocher cemetery, the breath of the Holy Spirit which binds us all together, surrounded us in the warmth of prayer and fellowship for Chrissie’s final journey.

The link below will take you to a tribute of Chrissie’s life written by her niece.

Litany for Saturday Evenings

On Saturday evenings at 9pm the Rector will be using this litany, it has been slightly changed from the one we have been using on a Sunday Morning with the addition of some intentions concerning Covid-19.

In the peace of Christ, let us pray:
Kyrie eleison.
For the peace that is from above, let us pray:
Kyrie eleison.
For peace in the life of the churches and their unity, let us pray:
Kyrie eleison.
That the Holy Spirit will bring strength and courage, let us pray:
Kyrie eleison.
For the world and her people.
Kyrie eleison.
For the sick and the dying.
Kyrie eleison.
For those whose lives have come to an end.
Kyrie eleison.
For the fearful those anxious about the spread of Covid-19.
Kyrie eleison.
For bishop Kevin called to be the next Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway:
Thanks be to God.
For the people, congregation and clergy of the diocese of Argyll and The Isles:
Thanks be to God.
For the people, congregation and clergy of the diocese of Glasgow and Galloway:
Thanks be to God.
For all those who work and worship in Scotland for the furtherance of the Gospel:
Thanks be to God.
Inspire us to spread the Good News as Moluag did:
Holy God, hear us.
Help us to be builders of your church as Columba was:
Holy God, hear us.
Teach us to love as Mungo the beloved, loved:
Holy God, hear us.
Grant us the perseverance of Ninian:
Holy God, hear us.
Remind us of your promises never to leave us:
Fill us with the Holy Spirit.
Strengthen our hope in Your future:
Fill us with the Holy Spirit.
Empower us to speak and act in Your name.
Fill us with the Holy Spirit.
To God the Life Bringer:
All praise and honour be.
To God the Pain Bearer:
All praise and honour be.
To God the Joy Giver:
All praise and honour be.
Blessed Holy undivided Trinity:
Unite us all in and through your love. Amen.

Provincial Sunday Broadcast Service

Online worship: ‘From my home to your home’

As announced yesterday, the Scottish Episcopal Church will begin broadcasting weekly Eucharistic services from our media channels from Sunday (22 March) onwards.

The services will be held in private with no congregation, in line with SEC guidelines following government advice to suspend church services as part of the national effort to halt the spread of coronavirus.

The recorded service will be made available on SEC social media channels, our YouTube channel and at this dedicated page on the website

The website page will also contain a downloadable video and audio format of the service, when these are ready.

In advance of the service, the liturgy is available to download here

National Day of Prayer

Churches have joined together in Scotland to sign a letter commending the Call for a National Day of Prayer in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Signatories include the Scottish Episcopal Church, the Roman Catholic Church, the Church of Scotland, the United Free Church, the United Reformed Church, the Baptist Union of Scotland, the Methodist Church, the Society of Friends (Quakers), Congregational Federation in Scotland, the Salvation Army, the Church of the Nazarene, and Redeemed Christian Church of God.

Taking place on Sunday 22 March, people of faith are being encouraged to light a candle and place it in their window at 7pm.*

The letter asks that we “join in prayerful solidarity with this witness”, describing the candle as “a visible symbol of the light of life, Jesus Christ, the source of hope in this life.”

The following prayer can be used when lighting the candle:

For all that is good in life, thank you,
For the love of family and friends, thank you,
For the kindness of good neighbour and Samaritan stranger, thank you.

May those who are vulnerable, hungry or homeless, experience support,
May those who are sick, know healing,
May those who are anxious or bereaved, sense comfort.

Bless and guide political leaders and decision-makers, with wisdom,
Bless and guide health workers and key workers, with strength and well-being,
Bless and guide each one of us, as we adapt to a new way of living.

And may the light shining from our windows,
across road and wynd, glen and ben, kyle and isle,
be reflected in our hearts and hands and hopes. 

Through Jesus Christ our Lord, Amen.

The signatories of the letter are:

Most Rev. Mark Strange, Primus, on behalf of the College of Bishops, Scottish Episcopal Church
Rt. Rev. Colin Sinclair, Moderator of the General Assembly, Church of Scotland
Most Rev. Leo Cushley, Archbishop of St. Andrews and Edinburgh, Roman Catholic Church
Rev. John Fulton, Moderator, United Free Church of Scotland
Rev. Dr David Pickering, Moderator, United Reformed Church (Scotland)
Rev. Martin Hodson, General Director, Baptist Union of Scotland
Rev. Mark Slaney, District Chair, Methodist Church (Scotland)
Ms. Adwoa Bittle, Clerk to General Meeting for Scotland, Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)
Rev. May-Kane Logan, Chair, Congregational Federation in Scotland
Rev. Jim Ritchie, District Superintendent, British Isles North District, Church of the Nazarene
Pastor Chris Gbenle, Provincial Pastor, Province of Scotland, Redeemed Christian Church of God
Lt. Col. Carol Bailey, Secretary for Scotland, Salvation Army

* Please take all necessary fire precautions when using a lit candle. Ensure you remain with the lit candle at all times, and do not leave it to burn if you leave the room. Ensure there are no fabrics or materials such as curtains near the candle.

Margaret Enid Sherwood RIP

John the family and I are aware that many of you would have wished to be present at the funeral of Margaret that however will not be possible.  Today John, Rosemary and I will gather at the crematorium and commend Margaret’s mercy and care.  Please join us in prayer.  The service will take place from 3.30pm if you can join us in spirit at that time wonderful, if you can’t please find a moment at some point today, to say a prayer, hold a moments quiet, maybe light a candle.  You might wish to use these words and prayers which will be used today.

Jesus said; ‘Blessed are those who mourn for they shall be comforted.’  Be present Holy God, we pray, with John, Rosemary, Jennifer, Duncan, Eleanor, Ethan, Lusia and all those who mourn Margaret this day.  Make your love known to them, that they may turn to you and receive comfort and strength.  In the grief of separation give them hope and peace.  We thank you for the gifts of love and friendship, in joy and sorrow, we thank you for all that Margaret meant and will continue to mean to us.  We thank you for your creative power which brings life to all that is, for your love which sustains us to the end of our days and brings us into a new and glorious beginning, with your Son, our Saviour Jesus Christ. Amen.

Lord, now lettest thou thy servant depart in peace according to thy word.

For mine eyes have seen thy salvation,

Which thou hast prepared before the face of all people;

To be a light to lighten the Gentiles and to be the glory of thy people Israel.

Jesus, our friend and Redeemer, on the first Easter Day you stood among your disciples risen from the dead and spoke to them of your peace.  Come to us in your risen power, breathe your Holy Spirit into our hearts that we may believe in your promise to Margaret of eternal life and that we may know your peace today and always.  Amen.

O Lord help us to remember how short our time is and  support us all the day long of this life until the shades lengthen and evening comes and the busy world is hushed, the fever of life is over, and our work is done.  Then Lord in your mercy grant to us a safe lodging a holy rest and peace at last. Amen. 

The family have set up a justgiving page in memory of Margaret for the work of Mother’s Union, you can find it here

Back to School Blessings

On Sunday 18th we had a joy filled service celebrating the beginning of a new academic year.  Stickers and bag tag where with messages of peace where blessed along with the back packs of those returning to school.

We prayed for all places of learning, and for those who are denied education, all pupils and students, teachers and support staff.  Those who struggle with school or find it difficult.  The Rector reminded us that the God of peace is with us during times of joy and times of worry, the bag tags and stickers will help us remember that God’s peace can help us through any tough times, will be a reminder to give thanks for the good times and an encouragement to help others who are finding school life difficult.

Sunday School Gift Day

The Mustard Seed Orchestra made another appearance for the Sunday School Gift Day, rehearsing with the choir and Laura, our organist, before the service and then leading us in two hymns. Those who don’t play a main instrument joined in with percussion, including the Rector.  

We then used Creative Journaling techniques to construct the intercessions including The Trinity.  The congregation joined in by adding stars as their Amen.

The Sunday School were then gifted journals, stickers and washi tape to continue there new found journaling techniques for their prayers.

Primus addresses the Anglican Communion Primates’ Meeting on Scottish Episcopal Church’s decision to change its Canon on Marriage

At the Primates’ Meeting today the Most Rev Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church was asked to explain the process undertaken by the Scottish Episcopal Church in its move towards an adjustment of its Canon on Marriage to enable those who felt called to offer marriage to same gender couples the ability to do so.

He explained that the process had included much prayer, theological debate, open and, at times, very personal testimony and that opportunity had been provided for groups throughout the Church to discuss this matter and to pray about it; this included the voice of the youth in the Church, the sharing of powerful words and stories from elderly members and hearing representation from those who hold a traditional understanding of marriage, those who see marriage as including same gender couples and those who have encountered exclusion in declaring their love.

The Primus also explained that the nature of decision reached by the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church, is such as to allow those of different views to continue to “walk together”. It recognises that there are different understandings of marriage and that no member of clergy is compelled to conduct any marriage against their conscience. Only those clergy who wish to solemnise marriages of same gender couples will be nominated to the civil authorities for authorisation to do so.

The Most Rev Mark Strange, Bishop of Moray, Ross & Caithness and Primus of the Scottish Episcopal Church says “In June the General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church voted to change its Canon on Marriage.  This decision was ours to take as a self-governing province of the Anglican Communion.

“However, I recognise that this decision is one that has caused some hurt and anger in parts of the Anglican Communion and that the decision taken at the last Primates’ Meeting, which was to exclude our brothers and sisters in The Episcopal Church from debate on Doctrine and from Chairing Anglican Communion Committees, is a decision that now also pertains to us. We will continue to play our part in the Anglican Communion we helped to establish, and I will do all I can to rebuild relationships, but that will be done from the position our Church has now reached in accordance with its synodical processes and in the belief that Love means Love.”

The Most Revd Mark Strange on being elected as Primus

Statement from the Scottish Episcopal Church following the approval of Motion 14 Regarding the Canon on Marriage

The General Synod of the Scottish Episcopal Church has today passed a first reading of a change to its Canon on marriage (Canon 31). The change is to remove from the Canon the doctrinal statement regarding marriage that marriage is to be understood as a union “of one man and one woman.”

A first reading of the change is the first step in a process and does not represent a final decision. The proposed change now passes from the General Synod to the Church’s seven dioceses for discussion and comment in their Diocesan Synods in the coming year. The opinions from the dioceses will then be relayed back to the General Synod which will be invited to give a second reading of the Canon in June 2017. At that stage, for a second reading to be passed, it must achieve a majority of two thirds in the “houses” of bishops, clergy and laity within the General Synod. The change to the canon would include a conscience clause ensuring that clergy opposed to the change are not required to marry people of the same sex.

Commenting on the first reading today, the Rt Rev Dr Gregor Duncan, Bishop of Glasgow and Galloway and Acting Convener of the Church’s Faith and Order Board, said:

General Synod last year engaged in extensive debate in relation to possible changes to our Canon on marriage. It asked the Board to bring forward canonical legislation this year to remove from the Canon any doctrinal statement regarding marriage. That would pave the way for clergy of the Church who wish to be able to solemnise weddings between people of the same sex. Synod has this year accepted the proposals brought forward by the Board by giving a first reading to the canonical change. The process will now continue and not be completed until General Synod 2017. If second reading is agreed at that stage, the change to the Canon will take effect.

The Synod’s decision this year is important because it represents the beginning of a formal process of canonical change. The Church has been engaged in recent years in a series of discussions at all levels. The current process will enable the Church come to a formal decision on the matter. Views within the Church are, of course, wide and diverse. The passing of the first reading today will bring great joy to some; for others it will be matter of great difficulty. The wording of the proposed change recognises that there are differing views of marriage within our Church and we have attempted, and will continue to attempt, to sustain our unity in the midst of our diversity.

Results of ballot

For Against Abstentions Total Votes
(including abstentions)
Total Votes
(excluding abstentions)
Number % of votes cast Number % of votes cast
Bishops 5 71.4 2 28.6 7 7
Clergy 43 69.4 19 30.6 62 62
Laity 49 80.3 12 19.7 3 69 61