Choral Evensong

Peter has been persuaded – it didn’t took no arm twisting at all – to put on a final Choral Evensong before he leaves All Saints.  Our friends from St James in Paisley will be joining the choir once more along with a few voices from St Bride’s Hynland joining our own choristers too.

The service begins at 6.30pm on Sunday 12th August.

The Music for the service is:

Intorit – Give us the Wings of Faith by Ernest Bullock
Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis – Noble in b minor
Responses – Ferial

The anthem will be the world premiere of
A Hymn of Heavenly Majesty’s by John Duggan

Poetry and Art

Our poetry and Art sessions continue the coming Wednesday, 4th July, at 7pm in the church.

There is discussion around a painting and a poem which the Rector has paired with it.  All are welcome you don’t need to have any previous knowledge of poetry or art just an open enquiring mind.

This Wednesday the painting, by request, will be one of Edward Hopper’s, although not ‘Nighthawks’ below, which is probably his most well known, why not come along and find out which of his other paintings we will be discussing?

Mustard Seed Orchestra

The Gospel reading for Sunday 17th June was Jesus’ parable of the Mustard Seed, one interpretation of it is that out of something seemingly so small something large can grow.  Two past members of our Sunday School are now international musicians and so this is what the Rector is calling our Mustard Seed Orchestra, just what might grow from this small first performance?

New Hangings for Ordinary Time



On Sunday, 3rd June, we dedicated new hangings for Ordinary Time, one for either side of the the altar. (A picture of both in situ is at the end of this post.)  The hangings were created by Tabitha Craig; who qualified with a BA (hons) in Design for Textiles from the Galashields campus of Heriot-Watt University in 2016; and is a member of the congregation.  She took inspiration from the windows in the church and the Trefoil motif at the altar.  The trefoil has been made using an off-cut of the material which was specially woven to recover the kneelers at the altar rail, whose inspiration in turn came from the pebbles which are below Jesus Reigning in our east window.  (Our only stained glass window.)

The dove was made from angelina fibres so the they catch the light making subtle changes to their colours.

Holy God, who from the beginning brought all things into being,
we dedicate to your glory these hangings.
we give thanks for the talent which brought them to life,
for the Holy Spirit’s inspiration
and for the joy they will bring.
May they encourage and inspire those who look upon them
to follow in Jesus’ footsteps, to seek the Spirit’s guiding and to worship you alone.

Church Garden

The Church garden is looking glorious in the sunshine and provides an oasis of calm beside the busy of Bearsden Cross.  We have a faithful band of volunteers who tend to the garden and their hard work is very much appreciated.  If you would like to join them please look out for one of the gardening days.  You don’t need to be a member of the congregation to join in.

Maybe you have downsized to one of the flats in the area and miss pottering around in your garden, you are more than welcome to potter around in ours, there is always weeding and general tidying up to be done.  Please, however, if you are inclined to do anything more come along to one of the gardening days, there is always cake and others to chat to about gardening or anything else as well as an opportunity to exercise your green fingers.

There are a couple of benches in the garden we invite you to take time out of your rushing about to sit and grab a moments peace, or have a wander round below are some photographs of the current array of colours to be seen.



The Passion, Holy Week and Easter

Ruth Gettinby is a member of New Kilpatrick Church and writes about the joint services which the two congregations held over Holy Week and Easter.

This image of Jusepe de Ribera’s Penitent Saint Peter flashed into my mind as I watched the Gethsemane scene played out in the performances of The Passion, the start of our journey of reflection on Jesus’ last days on earth.  The three actors told the stories of the main characters with deep conviction, yet with a  simplicity that made them as accessible to the primary school pupils and as to the oldest members of our congregations.  A few aspects stood out for me: Mary in the upper room; the Centurion (great West of Scotland accent to make it more real!) moving from Dixon of Dock Green’s old fashioned taking  note of the facts as they presented to Columbo’s reflection  of what was really happening here;    Gethsemane and Christ’s emotional turmoil and then to the gentle awakening of realisation of his resurrection in the other garden.
It was wonderful to talk to the 5 members of Lamps about their experiences of performance while sharing food and wine after the evening session.
The fact that folk from outside our two congregations came along is perhaps indicative that these events work and might even be needed in our goal of linking church and community
The Passion, and then music and words for Passiontide on the evening of Palm Sunday, led by our very talented choirs directed by Chris, set us on our path towards the reflective afternoon services of Holy Week.  Spoken word, images and music were carefully chosen to lead us to focus our own thoughts on the familiar stories from Mark’s Gospel: as bystanders, how would we have responded to the events?  I love these services.  On Sundays the ministers again do all the hard work of preparation and delivery of the message, but we contribute too:  in singing, in chatting, in being involved in duties or just making sure those around us feel included if they look isolated.  The reflective services demand nothing of us except that we be and be ready to hear the still, small voice.
The numbers in the afternoon were small but that did not matter to those of us who were there because we were there by, for, and with ourselves.

In contrast, the symbolism at the heart of Maundy Thursday was particularly powerful, as we ministered to friend and stranger in washing each others’ hands and feet and in serving the elements to our neighbours.  It also gave me my first experience of stripping the church before Good Friday.  It felt stark and hopeless.  I was moved.  The emotion stayed with me into the following day, with continuing reflective words, images and music and the wrenching sound as the curtain was torn mid-afternoon as we are told happened when Jesus took his last breath.  Onto the cross we placed our broken pieces of everyday items, representing our broken lives and world, and were invited to take away a shell painted with a cross.  Powerful stuff.

I should add that I love the contrast in a brightly adorned All Saints when I returned for the Easter Carols service on 8th April .

We are blessed that Kirstin and Roddy share ideas and traditions to allow us to get to know each other and explore and develop our faith in our community.

Holy Week Services

Sunday 25th March – Palm Sunday
9am Said Eucharist (1970 Liturgy)
10.30am Sung Eucharist (Palm Sunday Liturgy)
with Procession of Palms and Reading of the Passion

6.30pm Words and Music for Passiontide at New Kilpatrick Church

Monday 26th
2pm MARKing Holy Week
Sharing space and time, a joint venture with New Kilpatrick at All Saints, through words, images, music and silence we recall the story once again.

7.30pm ABC service at St Andrew’s RC – Stations of the Cross

Tuesday 27th
2pm MARKing Holy Week
Sharing space and time, at All Saints, through words, images, music and silence.

Wednesday 28th
11.30am ABC service at Westerton Parish followed by lunch
2pm MARKing Holy Week
Sharing space and time, at All Saints, through words, images, music and silence.

7pm Poetry and Art for Holy Wednesday followed by Compline

Thursday 29th – Maundy Thursday
2pm MARKing Holy Week
Sharing space and time, at All Saints, through words, images, music and silence.

7.30pm Joint service with New Kilpatrick
Set within the context of the Eucharist, a service held at All Saints,
recalling the evening of the Final meal Jesus ate with his disciples.

Friday 30th – Good Friday
2pm MARKing Holy Week
Sharing space and time, at New Kilpatrick, through words, images, music and silence.

7.30pm ABC service at Balljaffary

The Passion

On Tuesday 20th March a production of The Passion by The Lamps Collective will be taking place in New Kilpatrick Church.  There are two showings 2pm and 7.30pm.  The story of the Passion of Jesus are told through music and the words of the Bible, both showings are free.


Sunday 4th March

Due to the ‘Beast from the East’, Bearsden has been struck by heavy snow.  We are grateful to those who came along this morning to clean the paths around the church and the pavement along Dryment Road.

There will be a 10.30am service tomorrow, however if you intend to come please keep in mind the following.

While Drymen Road is clear and running freely the side roads have not been cleared, parking will be difficult at best.

If you are walking the pavements which have not been treated are packed tight with compressed snow and slippy.  Those which have had some grit slippage from the road are slushy uneven and potential ankle twisters, please be very careful and walk on the cleared roads when possible.

We want you to remain safe and therefore only recommended that those who can walk without assistance even think about coming to church tomorrow.  Below are pictures of the snow clearing and also the conditions out there so you can make an informed decision about your journey tomorrow.