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Altar at Christmas

Christmas 2021

If you are wondering if All Saints might be for you and if you should come and visit or maybe even make your home among us, we hope this page helps with those deliberations. All Saints is the Scottish Episcopal Church but you don’t need to be a Scottish Episcopalian or an Anglican (we are part of the Anglican Communion). Anyone can walk through our door and join us.

Our main service is on a Sunday Morning at 10.30am (also on zoom) is a Sung Eucharist (sometimes known as Communion, the Lord’s Supper or Mass). We sing hymns and some of the liturgy (the words of the service) most Sundays.

We are a very friendly church. We have started to have coffee again after the service where you can meet everyone. We also run a Wednesday Lunch with soup and sandwiches for congregation and friends. Everyone very welcome to join us.

At the moment, as we are in a vacancy, we have a rota of priests provided by the diocese, who take the 10.30am service.

We have a wonderful new organist, Jeremy Wan. Jeremy, who is from Hong Kong, is the Lafine Organ Scholar at the University of Glasgow. He will restart our church choir during March. New recruits to the choir will be most welcome.

We have some small groups during the week for Bible Study, Discussion, Prayer and Fellowship where you would be given a warm welcome.

More information can be found in our monthly magazine.