Who we are

If you are wondering if All Saints might be for you and if you should come and visit or maybe even make your home among us, we hope this page helps with those deliberations.

All Saints is the Scottish Episcopal Church but you don’t need to be a Scottish Episcopalian (affectionately known as piskys) or an Anglican (we are part of the Anglican Communion, the radical part). You don’t need to make any declaration or bring any lines, anyone can walk through our door and join us. Our main service is on a Sunday Morning at 10.30am (currently on zoom) is a Sung Eucharist (sometimes known as Communion, the Lord’s Supper or Mass). We sing hymns and some of the liturgy (the words of the service) most Sundays.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact the Rector Kirstin Freeman, who will be happy to discuss them with you, over the phone or in person. You can contact her at revkirstin@freemanhome.co.uk

We are currently in 2020 and still working through all that is required to get the church open once more for services, so for now we are worshipping via zoom. Much of what is below is not currently what is happening, however it remains here as a statement to our ethos and our intention of what has happened within our buildings in the past and hopefully we will be building upon soon.

Come with an open heart, come with an open mind, come and discover the wonder of God.
Come to worship, come to pray, come to explore what it means to be precious and beloved of God.
Come to laugh, come to cry, come to lament and rejoice through all the seasons of the year and of life.
Come to discover God in your everyday life, and in the high and lows that decorate it.
Come meet God, in word and deed, in song and liturgy, and in that meeting be refreshed and renewed.
Come to meet others who are also seeking, others who will share your burdens and help you celebrate.
Come help us find answers, maybe even to questions we haven't yet asked or are too scared to ask.
Come help us live life to the fullness that God offers, come challenge us to be true to the faith we proclaim.
Come whoever you are, wherever you are from, come on your own, come with family or friends.
Come for a service, a season, or for the rest of your life.
Come and slip quietly in and out, come and join in, somethings, everything.
Come see if this is where God is calling you to be.

Our Liturgy (style of service)

The 1982 Scottish Liturgy (Blue Book) is used for most of our Eucharistic services.  It is in contemporary language but has its roots back tot he earliest of liturgies, our service book explains some of its history.  Additional material is used to enhance the seasons throughout the year and we often have augmented liturgies to mark various occasions, such as Sea Sunday, International Peace Day or The International Day to Mark the end of Slavery.

The 9am Said Eucharist on a Sunday uses the 1970 Scottish Liturgy (Grey Book). This service is a quiet start to the day, the service is said and the words are archaic, as in the King James Version of the Bible.

The Sunday School is held during school term time while the 10.30am service takes place and there is a creche for younger children who are also welcome to remain in church should that be your preference.