Eucharistic Assistants Renewal

Several of our Eucharistic Assistants and Rev David went to St Mary’s Cathedral on Saturday (August 19th) for the diocesan service celebrating lay ministries.

People from across the diocese gathered together for the service of Celebration of Lay Ministries with the Renewal of the Ministry of Eucharistic Assistants led by Bishop Kevin at the Cathedral.

The sermon was preached by the Rev Canon Gordon Fyfe, Bishop’s Advisor in Lay Ministries.

Pictured after the service are Louise Benson, Rev David, Hanan Atalla and Jennifer Thompson. Unable to attend were Celia Fisher and Graham Caie. The certificates signed by the Bishop giving our Eucharistic Assistants authority to carry out their ministry are being presented to all of them again by Rev David in church so the congregation can express their thanks for all the hard work they carry out during the year.

We give thanks for the ministry of lay people across Glasgow and Galloway, and we pray:
Heavenly Father, your Son Jesus Christ came among us in humility and brought with him your promise to pour your Holy Spirit on all who are called to minister in your name: give your grace to these your servants; inflame them with the fire of your love; enlighten their minds and grant them a vision of your will and purpose; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.



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