Christine Hermann RIP

This morning, the birds joined with the Rector in giving thanks for Chrissie’s life. The sun shone and while the wind had a distinct chill at North Duntocher cemetery, the breath of the Holy Spirit which binds us all together, surrounded us in the warmth of prayer and fellowship for Chrissie’s final journey.

The link below will take you to a tribute of Chrissie’s life written by her niece.

2 thoughts on “Christine Hermann RIP

  1. scott jackson

    Sadly I have just lost my mum after a battle with cancer and I have only just leaned of Mrs Hermann’s passing from her neighbour. I myself will sorely miss her and speaking on behalf of all the staff at The Glasgow Pond Hotel (Leonardo Inn) she is remembered for her wit and by far our favourite guest of all time. She used to have me in stitches when she asked me for “one of those nice tonic drinks you do”. Always kind. funny, intelligent with the greatest smile, we will treasure her stories and memories and I will miss our lunches and chats together. I will cherish our last lunch where I took her to Boclair House Hotel and afterwards we left and topped up our hunger at M&S.

    1. Rector Post author

      I am sorry to hear of your loss Scott.

      It is good to have such wonderful memories to remember people by, thank you for sharing them with us. I might pinch that phrase from next time I want a G&T!


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