The Year of Mark

As we approach year b in the Lectionary, there will be three interactive discussions about the Gospel of Mark.  Mark’s Gospel will be the main source of the Gospel readings over the coming year.

This isn’t a Bible study on Mark’s Gospel, rather it is an overview to help us get the most out the Gospel as we experience its unfolding, scene by scene as the year progresses.

Mark is the shortest and earliest of the Gospels.  If can easily be read in a couple of hours.  It would be beneficial if you can read it in one sitting before coming along.

Each week is independant, but you will get the most out of this short course, and indeed the coming year, if you can attend them all.

Thursday 19th October, Thursday 9th November and Thursday 23rd November. 

All will begin in the Choir Vestry at 7.30pm.


Bring along your sense of humour and your open heart and mind.  Coffee from 7:15pm.


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